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Logo Designing: The Main Process

August 30, 2012

Logo Designing: The Main Process

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How to start designing a brand new logo, what to consider? This is the question that mostly bothers the designers?

The best place to start is a mood board: a collection of images, screenshots, photos, snippets, notes, textures and styles that you can work with. Once you got some inspired and already have plans in your head it is time to take out your sketchbook. Take a notepad and let your imagination work. Start planning the way it could look. Once you’ve expressed your ideas on paper it is time to review what you’ve done. Decide whether there anything worth keeping and developing. You should already know where you are going with the design so it is time to start more sketching. Try to create 2 or 3 key templates that you can work with.

Now that you’ve planned and thought everything in details it is time to design. Using Adobe Illustrator is ideal for vector work and allows you to resize easily. When creating the first draft think along the lines of basic geometric shapes, typefaces and colours. The fine details and touching up comes later.

Make sure play with the colors, try different typefaces, rearrange elements of the design until it looks good enough to show to others.
The final stage is to apply some polish to your designs. A logo can be different in style and it is very important to take this into consideration this throughout the design phase, whether it is going to be a basic single colour design, have lots of details and gradients. In case yes, you should consider creating several versions for the uses it may have: websites, business cards, advertising boards or favicons. Your logo needs to look great under close up scrutiny too.

When are done with the logo design and you really like your creation it is time to show your client. Show him and explain why you’ve designed it in this way. The client cannot guess the process you’ve passed on to plan and refine the logo so you need to explain this and make sure they understand the benefits to them.

And finally, after presenting your work to a client you may decide to consider creating mockups of the logo being used on business cards, on shop signs, on the side of vans or any other use that the client may have for it.

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