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How to Design a Good WordPress Theme

September 7, 2012

How to Design a Good WordPress Theme

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After reviewing WordPress we have established the following guidelines for creating an awesome WordPress theme.

1. Validate your code
The lack of proper validation is proof of a lazy theme author. First validate your HTML and then your CSS.

2. Make it work across browsers
The right thing to do is to wait six years after the release of a new browser before ignoring an old one. Fortunately we can forget about IE5, but IE6 is still working. So we should prepare for all browsers.

3. Write detailed comments for your code
Follow this principle, because if you won’t be able to understand and follow your code in two years, no one else will be able to. Comment on every step you make.

4. Stay unique
Try to make your theme original and more people will start using it.

5. Make it widget-ready
Include this with every theme you make, as users love Widgets because for their being easy.

6. Give quick response and support
Everyone installing your theme is a potential customer that is why you should treat them that way. Subscribe to your pages on the Theme Viewer and pay close attention to user response. Your goal is to keep your tag in the footer on their site as long as possible.

7. Create the one that you would use yourself
This is probably the easiest test of all. Some of the most popular themes used today are those that were once used by the big guys. The reason is if your theme is tried and true, people will see that. Using it yourself, you will work the kinks out. You treat your own design very well. Do the same for the themes you create, and you will see a huge response.

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