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Principles of Effective Web Design

October 5, 2012

Principles of Effective Web Design

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The concept “web design” implies first of all usability and practicality, and determines the success or failure of a website. A good site should be comprehensible to the user with the ability to perform its functions.

So today let’s focus on the basic principles of an effective web design.

1.Content is more important than design

If the site contains useful materials, readers will close eyes to the badly implemented website design. That is why sites with unique and quality content always have a high frequency of attendance.

2.Reading diagonally

Before reading the article, users look through the text, focusing on the headlines, lists and highlighted words. That’s why headings should be informative and attractive, the text should be divided into logical sections, paragraphs should begin with indentation.

3. Users want to control the situation

Usually users want to control the functionality of the browser and do not tolerate interference from other side. So it is important to make sure that links do not open in a new browser window unless users decide themselves whether it makes sense opening a new window or not.

4. Do not make users overthink

The site should be easily comprehensible for the user as much as possible maximizing the transparency and visibility of your site structure in order to allow users to easily find what they are looking for. It is simplicity that attracts customers giving the impression that you already know what exactly they want and offer it to them.

5. Do not test the patience of users

In the implementation of new projects do not forget that visitors feel comfortable on sites with minimum requirements for users. Let users navigate through your website without making them indicate e-mail, register or log in.

6. Manage user attention

Since web sites represent both static and dynamic content, some elements of user interface get the attention of users more quickly. For example, images immediately attract the eyes of users and are more noticeable than the content. Focusing user attention on certain areas of the site can help them get from point A to point B without any mental effort on their part.

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