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Design elements: Texture and Finish

October 11, 2012

Design elements: Texture and Finish

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Many objects and substances around us have a texture and finish: if you touch the stone broken off the rock, you will feel its surface roughing in cracks. Later, when you see the stone surface displayed in a two-dimensional figure, it will arise in you certain associations and feelings.

Thus, finish represents properties of a subject/ material that we feel while touching it. Finishes are used in works of artists, decorators, interior designers. Roughly speaking, finish is something that we can touch and feel that it is really rough or smooth or prickly.

Artists or designers also make use of textures – dimensional pictures on which by means of color, light and shade an illusion is created as if the surface is stony, rough, cold, wet, etc.

As a rule, creating a texture from scratch in a graphics editor is very difficult, unless there are special filters and functions for this. Usually designers keep in stock a collection of textures, which they pull out at the right time.

Sometimes designers have to create the texture themselves, here they just need to have some understanding of the properties of materials and surfaces. So, if you want to create a texture of stone, you can find a typical wall, where the texture is the most obvious, then apply a thin sheet of paper to it and expose the texture on the surface of the paper with a soft pencil or a piece of coal.

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