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Website design plays a crucial role for visitor

October 18, 2012

Website design plays a crucial role for visitor

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A great many problems in designing a website can arise, starting from improperly designed admin panel to complex navigation on the portal. Every entrepreneur or webmaster should understand that online resource is created first of all for humans and not for search engines or machines.

First of all, visitors gain the first impression about the site in general within the first few seconds. If the team used to create site design based on their transcendental considerations, they have to wait for the appropriate result. After creating the layout, it should be shared at least with some of company’s employees for the objective evaluation of various elements. Do not blindly assume that site promotion or special markings will put everything in its place.

After creating a full layout and developing the technical side of the portal, all steps of navigation should also be practically tested. Any mistake can seriously complicate the movement of the visitor to the site. So when a full-fledged website is to be developed, you need to create some kind of a group who will be ready to test navigation, evaluate each design element and help you choose the best option. No matter how different comments are received, in case of their abundance you’d better seriously consider changing the design, whereas in case of few remarks on one or another detail you may simply ignore them. This approach will positively impact not only on the ratio of visitors to the site, but also will be beneficial in terms of attendance and sales of goods and services.

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