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Common website usability errors from user’s point of view

October 24, 2012

Common website usability errors from user’s point of view

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Today we want to present to your attention the most common usability mistakes made when developing websites. Unfortunately, the same mistakes are repeated from year to year. Let’s have a look of what users think are the most important usability aspects.

Unreadable fonts are the first in the list of the most common mistakes made by wed designers. One of the things users complain about the website is that the fonts are too small, as well as the low contrast of text and background.

Atypical Links
Link is the main interactive element on the page. Web designers must comply with the general idea of how the link should look like: it is necessary to allocate the reference color and highlight them (and not to emphasize a different text), highlight visited links, avoid using JavaScript or other non-standard technology. Atypical links may frustrate the visitors of the website.

Another thing that users don’t like is flash website. Sites, and navigation tools, made in Flash, are still very uncomfortable and unfamiliar to users, so it’s better to avoid this technology.

Website Content
It’s also extremely annoying when you will come across the individual pages or entire web sites, that look like they were copied from a book. Web pages should be short and easy to skimming.

Though a lot of errors are relatively easy to fix, you may need to install special software to improve full-text search on the website. It is really worth it, because the search is a fundamental component of human behavior online.

Research shows that you will have a lot more traffic if you avoid this common mistakes

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