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Web design peculiarities

November 10, 2012

Web design peculiarities

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For anyone who has spent enough time on the web it becomes obvious that web-design, although being based on a graphical component, yet significantly differs from print design. This is, first of all, due to the dynamism and interactive of visual image of the web-page. Almost any web-page has hyperlinks, navigation menus and other elements providing transitions between pieces of information. These interactive items make electronic interfaces differ from usual ones, such as book or newspaper interfaces.

In designing a web-page, these items probably play a key role. For example, the navigation bar should be easily available, easy to use and understand, and must fit the color and geometric concept of the design. So, as mentioned above, web design is based on graphics, which should be applied carefully.

Firstly, the abundance of graphics can be irritating, especially if some of its elements contrast geometrically or do not match the color scheme.

Secondly, graphics determine a lot of kilobytes, the latter in their turn mean traffic, while traffic requires load time. Not every visitor is ready to wait for minutes to admire your graphics creation. Keep in mind that Internet, above all, means information!

Thirdly, the balance of graphics / text is a very delicate thing. The text must be legible, and here graphic inserts do not always work well for this.

Thus, web-page design should at least meet the following requirements: integration of static and dynamic components, logical interrelation of text and graphics and exclusive solutions.

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