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Working Environment and User Interface

November 16, 2012

Working Environment and User Interface

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Setup of CorelDRAW 11 is implemented through standard means: from the main menu, using the shortcut located on the desktop, or by double-clicking on the file icon.

After set up the main window of CorelDRAW opens on the screen with key elements of the user interface.

In accordance with the standards of Windows menu bar is located under headline. The menu in CorelDRAW is very complicated, with many sub-menus and commands. The menu provides access to most functions of CorelDRAW, but many actions can be performed without it.

In the left side of the workspace toolbox may be found which is intended for selecting the operating mode and is used most often. Mode selection is done by clicking on one of the buttons from the set of tools. Once selecting instruments one may proceed with all user actions.

Some buttons near instruments are marked with a triangle button in the lower right corner indicating that the button is linked to several tools.

To select a tool, simply click on its button. In the standard toolbar located under headline control elements corresponding to the most frequently used commands may be found: opening, saving and closing files with illustrations, operations with system clipboard, mode and zoom of illustrations.

Below the standard toolbar one may see the property bar, a set of control elements, corresponding to control parameters of the selected object and standard operations that can be performed using the selected tool.

Along the right edge of the window screen-color palette is set. It is used to set the fill color and to outline the objects of illustration.

At the lower edge of the CorelDRAW window is the status bar where information about the selected object and a lot of background information on the status of the program is displayed.

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