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Factors to Consider Creating User-friendly Website

November 22, 2012

Factors to Consider Creating User-friendly Website

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For making your site a useful, beautiful and convenient one you will need to draw a special attention to the following factors:

  1. Content is one of the most important components. If the site has no useful information that could interest a certain group of people, then it is time to fill the site content with valuable for visitors texts.
  2. Design is the second most important component of a quality site. The attractiveness of pages and, in the end, the frequency of attendance to your site depends on design. Properly created and quality design will surely entice more visitors to your source.
  3. The speed of page downloading should also be considered. No one is going to wait for page downloading for an hour, which means that pages need to be optimized for having them in the smallest reasonable size, especially taking into consideration the fact that the vast majority of people have access to the Internet by telephone.
  4. Web site promotion supposes not only registering your server in all possible search engines of the world, but also features such as posting information in the mass media (URL – in the newspaper), and mentioning your site on business cards, flyers, in newspaper and magazine articles, etc. In addition, the web-site should also contain e-mail address and a phone number for contacting you back.
  5. Any spelling and grammatical mistakes should be avoided. Just type the text in the editor with spell-checking and re-read what you wrote, before publishing.

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