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Website Redesign Basics

December 21, 2012

Website Redesign Basics

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The main prerequisite for the site redesign is the need for renewing the resource. But this is not the only prerequisite. The need to redesign can also be caused by:

  • Changes in marketing or PR policy of the company. Change in marketing strategy often results in a modification of logo and corporate identity, which leads to outdated site design;
  • Expansion of the company activity or the emergence of new target groups, which requires the introduction of more efficient methods of marketing interaction;
  • The emergence of new ideas for the development and restructuring of the site;
  • Transferring the site to a more convenient content management system.

Website redesign can be of several types:

  • Visual redesign. Design is the face of a site. Informational architecture of a website has a great impact on the internal optimization of the site and its ranking in search engines. Therefore, changes to the site design must be carefully planned and well-executed in compliance with the rules of successful design of the site, that is the harmony of appearance and content;
  • Functional redesign is performed in order to enhance the site opportunities, adding new features. A more efficient interaction with visitors is created;
  • Technical redesign is used to eliminate technical errors, improve the speed of page loading, optimize the structure of links and page codes, and optimize graphics. Technical redesign requires the development of new methods for data access;
  • Complete redesign is often considered as the second development of the site, but in most cases it is not so. Complete redesign is implemented based on experience that had been obtained from the use of the previous version of the site, by improving its quality and competitiveness.

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