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When and How to Redesign Your Website

January 4, 2013

When and How to Redesign Your Website

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There may be many situations when a website redesign can be just to the point. The level of required redesign depends on how “well-designed” the original site is.

It is important to understand the inducement factor for redesign process. It will tell you whether to simply change the appearance or rebuild it completely.

There may be several reasons why the site should be changed in the best ways:

  • Rebranding of the company or product.
  • Pe- positioning in the market.
  • Updating the website to meet web standards.
  • The implementation of accessibility and functionality.
  • Improving site unsatisfactoriness.
  • Improving the appearance of the website.
  • Availability.

Accessibility is an important factor in the site design. It not only determines the flow of traffic to your website, but also affects the transition indicators.

In general tastes differ. What is pleasant to the client may seem unpleasant to the designer or vice versa. However, clear and frequent communication with each other is the key to solving such issues. Both users and visitors are the sole judges of the site.

The best time to judge the decisions is the beginning and course of the whole project. You can set some goals, and show customers some samples of projects, then discuss the issue with them and come to a common point of view. Feedback at a later stage should help you evaluate the correctness of your decision.

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