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Web design trends for 2013

January 25, 2013

Web design trends for 2013

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1. Adaptive Web Design

The market is constantly filled with new types of mobile and desktop devices. The fact that designers cannot create a new design for each individual device clearly proves that adaptive web design will be among the leading trends of next year. Otherwise, the creation of individual design for each gadget will take a lot of time and sources for the designer and client respectively.

2. Design typography

Due to the abundance of options in typography, designers have a wide choice of fonts. However, the choice of font has long been an important decision and here selection of trendy typography becomes a key factor. According to forecasts, 2013 will be the year of typography, as much more attention will be given to it. Typography will become even more important part of any website. Designers will no longer replace text with beautiful pictures, but on the contrary, they will improve the site appearance through fonts.

3. Vertical scrolling

Today, most sites offer both vertical and horizontal scrolling for mobile devices. However, in 2013 vertical scrolling will be a priority. This type of scrolling is easy and convenient for users of mobile gadgets, at the same time it is effective and provides easy navigation. Due to its advantages vertical scrolling will apply even for menus and buttons. When users scroll down the page, the menu will also move downwards, so that the user does not have to come back up again to view the menu.

4. Large buttons

Ever since the “push and touch” among different devices is becoming more popular, large buttons will become a key trend in the upcoming year. Initially, large buttons were used solely for aesthetic purposes, but in 2013 they will become a necessity. Big buttons will greatly simplify pressing, but there are hidden drawbacks – large buttons require more graphics, resulting in a slowdown of the website. So designers have to find a solution to this problem, otherwise the trend will not last long.

5. Branding will be on the rise

It is no secret that companies want to make their brand visible and easily recognizable. Next year it is expected that designers will focus more on the brand, rather than simply on the creation of a site with the latest trends. Designers will spend more time on those details that will complement the brand or will emphasize the beauty of logo.

6. Parallax scrolling

In 2013 we will see more and more sites using the effect of parallax scrolling. This effect has been used in the industry for some time already, but before it was mostly used in video games. This type of scrolling will allow designers to control the depth of design objects on sites, which will certainly make navigation on the site varied and interesting.

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