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What is the purpose of interactive web-design?

March 27, 2013

What is the purpose of interactive web-design?

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The main purpose of graphic design is to help users intuitively orientate themselves on the selected site. Like any other area of design, it must fulfill the basic rules of design, applied to the projected object, in this case the interface, ie make it beautiful, useful, simple, fun to use, etc. When visiting a website, the user, as planned by the web-designer, is to find a resource in the whole – a useful one, and in particular – a visually pleasing and easy to understand and use. Website design should impress the user, it is important to attract the user for the next time. When designing a website, the designer strives to adapt the aim of the project to the needs of the potential user as much as possible, that is to make the work with the site more simplified for the user, more convenient, useful and enjoyable.

In terms of marketing do not forget that graphic design can definitely change the perception of reality, even if the reality remains the same.

Web-design, unlike printing, is not the execution of the product and not a small additional part of it, but the essence of the product itself. Designing a web-site, the designer creates a complete product. Therefore, the role of design in web-project is dominant, and web-designer acts as the creator of the product. It follows that web-design is the essence of Internet projects, and thus the essence of the Internet itself.

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