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Web Design Mistakes That May “Kill” Your Website

April 5, 2013

Web Design Mistakes That May “Kill” Your Website

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We all want our website to be ideal and one of the most important components of the perfect website is web design. Any mistakes, even small ones can be crucial when it comes to the success of your website. Mistakes of web designers are especially noticeable to your site visitors and may be the cause . of future profit lost for the website owner.

Thus, we decided to take a look at the top 5 web design mistakes in general and in Boston area.

1. Illegibility Fonts
Internet users find this flaw to be the most frustrating. If the font is difficult to read, few people will read the text. The major mistakes include a low contrast between the background page color and print, as well as too small font.

2. Wring Interlinking
Without internal links your website will not be able to provide the user with all the necessary opportunities and advantages. And references must be clear and accessible. To do this, reference should allocate a contrasting color, underlining text. Task links are there to inform your visitor! Site visitor should always know what information he sees, making the transition to link to another page.

3. Content Layout
Website texts must be written specifically for that site, given the characteristics of the concept, design and graphics. Furthermore the content layout should not be heavy. The study shows that if your website content layout is not right, the visitors are most likely to leave the website.

4. Missing search tab
Careful studying all components of the search form is one of the main tasks of a web designer. Full-text search is a must for the Internet user. If the possibility of the search is not there, the visitor will immediately leave the website.

5. Poor quality photos
The task of e-commerce is to advertise a product with an appropriate text and illustrations. To give the user a better experience you should consider providing high quality images. Poor quality images on the website are one of the most common mistakes of web design. Avoid it at all costs.

As you can see, the design of the site is a complex process that requires knowledge of the latest web technologies and relevant artistic qualities. Bostonwebdesigner will help you design the perfect website for your business success.

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