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Web-design and coding

April 17, 2013

Web-design and coding

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Web page coding is a way of coding the text information for transmission on the Internet. Determining parameter when encoding data is the amount of bits by which one character (value) is transmitted. For example, a single bit can encode two values, two bits – four values, and the three bits encode eight values. Adding one bit doubles the number of values that can be coded. In addition to 8-bit encoding, there are also 16 and 32-bit encodings, processing 65536 and 4294967296 characters of text.

This short introduction to the basics of programming will help to further understand on what basis web page coding is selected.

If you open Internet Explorer web browser, included in Windows operating system and then click on View – Encoding, you will see a pretty impressive list of character sets, operated by this web browser.

To correctly display the information on a web page, server and web browser should exchange official information containing data about the method of text encoding. Using the HTTP protocol web browser sends a message to the server with encoding data. The server then finds the page and encodes it into the desired format.

To achieve correct reproduction of the information on the website the coding set of characters for a particular page should be specified yet in the stage of development. Otherwise, it is likely that when downloading the pages of your site, the user will see something totally incomprehensible instead of the text.

To avoid these errors, check whether the page html-code contains the following:. Instead of windows-1251 enter your encoding format. Pay attention to the way of writing the code, for the attributes content and charset use just one set of quotation marks, separated by a semicolon. If you use text html-editor, code has to be added manually.

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