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The impact of website design on the strength of the brand

April 23, 2013

The impact of website design on the strength of the brand

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Website designers often talk about their task to improve the system of advertising a website, product or organization in general. In recent years, a lot of researches focus on studying the possible positive impact of website design on the brand.

During recent studies the possible correlation between the elements of design and the power of brands was considered. The initial results were impressive. It was found that the implementation of purchases in electronic stores increased the brand, while shopping on other commercial sites led to a weakening of the brand.

For example, a recent study examined websites of companies engaged in clothing and household goods. The results showed that people who shop on sites of famous companies such as «Gap» and «Lands’ End» reported that their perception of the respective brand has become more positive after purchasing. Whereas, buyers of Macy *s.com website reported that their attitude towards the brand Macy * s has deteriorated significantly after shopping on this site.

Buyers interested in specific products are more likely to acquire them on sites «Gap» and «Lands’End», rather than on the site «Macy * s». A positive attitude towards the brand, and therefore the power of the brand is growing to the same extent as the probability of buying goods on the site, which represents the corresponding brand.

The use of certain design elements is in a strong correlation with changing people’s attitudes towards the brand. For example, using the size chart when buying clothes is more likely to increase the strength of the brand of these sites. While the use of “Search” option leads to the weakening of the brand.

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