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Use of Flash Videos in Web Design

April 27, 2013

Use of Flash Videos in Web Design

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Flash technology became popular yet a few years ago, when a large number of users could afford using DSL and other high-speed methods to access the Internet.

What is Flash? Flash Shockwave technology was developed by Macromedia company. Technology features are unusually broad and allow the user to interact with Flash-banner the way the customer wants. Sound control, the use of vector graphics, insertion of entry forms, information processing and its subsequent delivery, high sensitivity to the manipulation with mouse and keyboard keys, the ability to dynamically change graphical and text-based content- this is far not the whole list of features enabled by Macromedia Flash.

If you believe that visitors to your website can have a full access to all the features presented by Flash technology, then this is the right way to introduce your products and services.

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