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Tips for Quality Web Design for Business Owners in Boston

May 5, 2013

Tips for Quality Web Design for Business Owners in Boston

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Web design is the perception of your website through the eyes of users, and the perception of the site should evoke positive emotions in the best case, or at least should not cause negative feelings from viewing web pages, irritate the visitor. If you are a business owner in Boston you might want to use the following tips in order to attract more visitors to your website.
Large 14-16px font for body text, it is desirable that the size of your font can be zoomed in and out through the browser; use easy-to-read fonts, as an ideal option use black on white, or on yellow or light text on a dark background which makes it easier to read information from the screen.

Apply more white space between paragraphs of the text . Since the user does not read but rather scans the text, use small images arrows, squares, etc. to refer to paragraphs, that will entice the user to read the text.

Focus on a variety of methods, the most important points in the text, for example, place it in a box, increase the font size, or highlight it with another color, but of course all in measure. Avoid gifs and banners as they will distract the user from the site content, your task is to get user absorb the useful information provided by you. The number of fonts on the web site should not exceed three, use fonts that are sure to be available for your site users as well, otherwise user’s computer will substitute the font by default, and your page can be displayed not in a desirable way.

When making a web site, use CSS styles that enable you to upload a page formalizing it with styles and introducing them to an external file, so the volume of code is reduced and page loads faster in the browser, when being indexed by search robot, your code is available for indexing due to the lack of HTML formatting tags.

Our web design and development company in Boston will make sure you have the web design that will best represent your business online.

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