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How to Choose a Web Design Studio or an Independent Web designer

May 11, 2013

How to Choose a Web Design Studio or an Independent Web designer

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Once you have made a decision to have your own website you need to solve an important issue – who will be involved in designing and developing your website. You may receive a number of applications from different web design companies and freelance web designers, but how to choose the best? Here are some important points to help you choose the right person or company to design your website.

1. Website of Design Company

The website of the design studio is its business card, so to speak. Typically, web design studios pay special attention to designing their own website and put a lot of effort in making it look as professional as possible. Find out where the website is hosted. If it is located on a server with free hosting, the studio is likely not very trustworthy. A self-respecting design company or an independent web designer should care about their image in the web and will have their own domain. Look more closely to the design of the site, do not trust the work of the people who did not put much effort in advertising and promoting their own company. Visitors like if the website contains the information they need, along with a beautiful design and user fiendly navigation.

2. Portfolio of Web Studio

Do not pay attention on the quantity of the websites the company has designed. Remember that the quality of work is much more important. If a web design studio’s portfolio includes major projects: online shops, portals and other large projects, you can assume they are trustworthy. Make sure the sites in the portfolio of web-studio are not designed using the same template.

3. Contacts and Coordinates

Solid web studio is bound to have an office and it usually is not only designing and developing, but also provides a full range of services related to the maintenance and promotion of websites on the web. Talk to the manager of the company. You can learn a lot by the way the company representatives communicate with clients.

4. Price vs. Quality

As a rule, the price is a strong argument for choosing a web designer. Remember that quality work is never cheap. When it comes to the reputation of your company you should look for quality rather than a cheap offer. It is likely that you will run into a beginner or unqualified web design studio that will take your money, but the project will not meet all the requirements.

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