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Web-design, its main elements, stages and principles

May 15, 2013

Web-design, its main elements, stages and principles

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Web Design is the process of production of websites, which includes technical development, structuring of information, visual (graphic) design and delivery over the network.

A detailed understanding of the process of creating a site will allow us to identify who is doing what at each stage.

1. Terms of Reference (TOR)
Based on a clear understanding of the purpose for which the site is created, the volume of the site, its functionality the basic parameters of the visual presentation and structure of the site are set.

2. Usability
This includes the form and organization of site content usually involving a designer, project manager.

3. Graphic design
Graphical editor involves visual space of the company website using graphic elements as a decoration or navigation. It is performed by a designer.

4. Makeup
At this stage the graphic image is cut into individual elements and using HTML and CSS technologies it is transformed into a code that can be viewed using a browser. It is performed by an encoder, a programmer.

5. Webmastering
At this stage steps are taken to facilitate the effective delivery and distribution of the site over the network. It is performed by admin, webmaster.

Elements of web design
Web Design Elements are abstract materials a designer works with. The main elements of the design include space, line, shape, color, texture, font, form, light and shade, size. To use them properly, it is necessary to know their properties, strong and weak sides.

Web Design Principles
In order to learn how to build buildings, it is not enough to know only about the properties of bricks. The principles of web design define the rules of interaction of all elements. The basic principles of web design include: balance, contrast, subordination, the direction of attention, proportion, scale, rhythm and unity. Fundamental design principles define what is right and what is wrong among the countless combinations of elements.

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