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Popular Styles in Modern Web Design

May 22, 2013

Popular Styles in Modern Web Design

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In the diversity of the websites in World Wide Web we can identify common web design styles. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular styles.

Classic – This style supports discreet colors and concise forms. It is usually used by commercial sites that are informative, for example, the economic news, stock market reports.


Gothic – In this web design style you can see unusual organic shapes, different collages from objects, animated abstract images as transparent background.

Grunge – Previously, such web design was used for designing Internet sites of rock bands. And then it became more common and design houses, dance floors, night clubs, web studios and private web designers began to use this style of web design. Grunge became a contrast to smooth style of business corporations and companies. It is characterized by the use of inaccurate jagged fonts, stains, scratches, noise and dust.

Cyber-punk – This style is characterized by a greatly enlarged or distorted “jpegs” and “gifs”, randomly generated images, constant movement, html-code and the elements of abstract forms as part of web design.

High-tech – This is also a relatively new style of web design generated by all artificial and robotic elements, where three-dimensional design was served as basis.

Minimalism – A very popular style that uses various plays with fonts with the help of CSS. There is an emphasis on color to distinguish meaning. The main elements of design are the fastest-downloadable logos in gif, html and text.

Newspaper – This style is great for web sites, filled with lots of cross-media elements. Websites designed in this style use table layout and have links to subject headings on all pages.

Text – This style is used for news sites, which value the importance of a clear structure. Very often the websites designed in this style have few graphic elements.

Art – This style is used by design studios and large companies who are interested in non-standard approach. The graphical elements are of high importance here.

Web 2.0 – Tis is the most popular style at the moment. It is quite easy to use even for beginners, differs with large texts, pattern, bright colors and original icons. These websites have just a few columns and easy navigation.

If you don’t know what design to choose for your website, follow one basic rule: the website should be different from other similar resources in the network.

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