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Tips for creating a corporate identity

June 7, 2013

Tips for creating a corporate identity

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Development of corporate identity is an opportunity to create an original, individual “face” of the company, its visualization. A lot depends on how well a corporate identity is designed, because being the personification of your firm it is corporate identity that will appeal to a potential client, and thus can influence the attitudes to the products you are offering.


Experts believe that corporate identity of the company should be developed in different directions, including the creation of color spectrum, corporate attributes and, of course, the logo. All the above – mentioned factors are essential components of company image. The main problem to be resolved by the corporate style is to distinguish the company from competitors, giving an image of individuality, memorability.

The most important element identity includes is the brand logo of the company. The conditions of its successful “operation” are the properly selected expressive color spectrum, beautiful catchy fonts, and most importantly – style generating idea. Only a harmonious combination of these elements can have a positive impact on consumers and attract their attention to your product.

Development of corporate style

In no case should you underestimate the importance of company’s corporate identity. Of course, the logo must contain a lot of information about the principles of the company, its goals, history and benefits. Undoubtedly, coping with such a difficult task without the help of professionals with specific knowledge and experience it will be twice more difficult to succeed. The correct selection of emotional filter may also contribute to the successful development of the logo.

The process of corporate identity creation is implemented through several directions, like marketing research, audit of the company, which allows to determine the advantages and disadvantages of products. Based on the analysis, PR strategy is developed, the aim of which is to adjust the image in the eyes of the consumer.

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