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What is more important for a website – design, content, usability

June 28, 2013

What is more important for a website – design, content, usability

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A recent online survey showed that the need for quality web design is growing. Nearly 25% of Internet users reported a “weak visual presentation” as the main reason why they might not like a particular website.


The true beauty is inside

Experienced web designers and business people know that good design is an indispensable component of a successful website. Competent and good design not only supports company’s image, it also performs informative and communicative functions, and also pleases visitors with the harmonious combination of style, color, composition, and most importantly – ease of use.

Words matter

24.8% of respondents said that the lame text will most likely make them leave the website. This means that companies should pay serious attention to the texts placed on the Internet.

A good web writer can help drive traffic through search engine optimization, or most effectively highlight the key benefits of the company to its major competitors, thereby increasing sales.

A competent web writer with a good philological or linguistic education, understanding the basics of SEO, is well worth the resources for his or her services since your website gets a quality unique content that will help to successfully compete with your competitors on the pages of search results.

Add speed

More than 50% of respondents said they are particularly interested in the quick search of information on the Internet. Make them wait, and they are likely to switch to a competitor’s site.

A good web designer and developer focus on optimizing images and HTML-code and try to avoid the old stuff, like the start-up in Flash. Unfortunately, web designers and business owners sometimes go beyond their ambitions and they do not want to admit that when potential buyers come to their website in search of information or anything else, this Flash-saver only prevents them and brings disappointment. Whereas today most people want to get the information in the shortest time-frame.

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