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Give your website a professional look

July 5, 2013

Give your website a professional look

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If you suffer a feeling that your site deserves far more visitors then it’s time to give it a really professional look, following fairly simple tips outlined below.

Make sure that your home page is loaded within ten seconds maximum. Most people surfing the web do not have enough patience to wait for long downloads which after all will lead them to some another site.
elegantly designed page

To make sure that the site operates at the required speed start with the title page. No matter whether your website is a corporate portal or home page, the desired result in this case will depend on the site title and a brief description about it. Do not overload the page with heavy graphics, place possible only text information, refrain from the various scripts and applets.

Remove all the so-called “calls” and “whistles”. A site with a flashing animation, flickering text or background accompanied by music will annoy the user much more than a blank page. There is nothing more professional looking than simply but elegantly designed page.

Make your site easy to navigate. Make a simple and easy to understand navigation menu at the top of the page. Divide the information by subject, place each piece on its own page, and give them such names and descriptions so that the main idea becomes clear for the user and he can quickly and easily find the information he needs without additional efforts.

For corporate sites the following buttons are needed: “About Us”, “Our products and services”, “Order”, “Documentation”, “Contact”, etc. For the home page accordingly the following sections are added: “About Me,” “My Links”, “My Photos”, etc. All of these buttons and links should be on every page, not just on the title.

Keep to uniformity in the design of the site, use the same background, colors, logos and fonts on all pages. Each page should look like part of the whole to which it is related.

Never give the site a name which meaning and existence the user would never have guessed. Always keep in sight a button or a link with your email address for a visitor or customer to contact you, ask a question, request more information, etc.

Another piece of advice. If your site has a directory of links, format it in such a way that all links featured in it open in a separate window.

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