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Choosing color for your site

July 7, 2013

Choosing color for your site

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The symbolic meaning of colors evolved over many centuries. Color can attract and repel, stimulate or disturb, inspire a sense of calm and comfort. Well-chosen colors can make your site incredibly popular or else, on the contrary, destroy it. Color is an indirect approach to marketing and promotion of information.

Features of color selection for web-projects are as follows:


  1. The color scheme should match the theme of the resource.
  2. It is recommended to use no more than three colors.
  3. Light colors are more attractive than dark ones.
  4. In the selection of color font must also be considered. It should be in harmony with the other visual components of the site and differ from the background color.

What background color to choose that will make the visitor stay on the site?

White, blue, beige colors evoke a sense of harmony and tranquility, so they can be used for any project.

Grey is associated with neutrality, indifference. It is mostly used on information portals and social sites.

Red is associated with strength, activity, dynamics, it causes increased emotional response. It is the color of victory, a leader in the advertising business. The use of this color may be effective in commercial and entertainment projects, it can also be applied to a site dedicated to extreme sports.

Orange symbolizes warmth, fun, improves mood, stimulates the conversation. This color is mainly used for children, youth and social projects. Orange is also the color of health and creativity, so it is used on sites devoted to health, sport and creativity.

Yellow is the color of joy and happiness, stimulates mental activity. Pure yellow color gives excessive diversity to the site design, that’s why it is rarely used. Soft hues of this color may be used in sites for child care centers, parks, shops and design studios. Different shades of yellow can be found on the websites of travel agencies because yellow color is associated with sun, sand and constant movement.

Blue symbolizes peace, tranquility, tenderness. This color conveys the visitor a sense of trust, security and being non-irritating to the eyes it is rather popular in design. Blue color of any shade is perfect for informational, educational, financial and legal sites. Darker shades can be used in sports and political projects.

Green is the color of life. It symbolizes harmony, nature, freshness, health and nutrition. Dark green is associated with money and power. It is used on corporate sites and sites related to financial sector.

Light green goes perfect for sites which activities are connected with nature. Greyish-green is used in projects related to art. Green-yellow is associated with nausea and sickness, so it is often used for medical sites.

Purple color implies solemnity, dreaminess, mystery and melancholy. Its use is most common on sites associated with magic and astrology. Dark purple color gives a feeling of opulence and luxury and is suitable for a creative project. Purple and pink are typical colors for women’s sites.

Brown identifies the earth, wood, stone. It symbolizes responsibility, reliability and stability. Brown background looks good on sites promoting chocolate, coffee, wood and leather. Brown is also associated with old age, so it can be used on the resources devoted to history, archeology and antiquities.

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