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Tips for choosing a font for your site

July 18, 2013

Tips for choosing a font for your site

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The correct choice of font is an important point for designers and webmasters. Today designers have an opportunity to choose any font from a huge list.

How the information will look on the page and whether the user would like to read it depends on a properly selected font. The text on the page must not be too large, with long sentences and without paragraphs.


How to choose a font?

Many fonts are installed by default on our computers and laptops. These are the fonts like Arial, Georgia, Comic Sans MS, Times New Roman, Verdana, Tahoma and others. But if you want to install non-ordinary fonts on the site, keep in mind that such fonts may not be available for your visitors which means that the page will not be displayed the way you planned.

It is important to take into account the following details: weight, serifs, kerning (spacing between letters), the height of the protrusions and the alignment lines. The web designer must carefully choose the font for the site and know what type of font to use for designing a site.

If you need something non-standard, like heading, a beautiful title or button, it is better to make them as images in gif or jpg.

If you want visitors of your website or blog to feel comfortable on the page and read your text, you need to find a font that is easy to read. But do not go too far, the site should contain maximum 3-4 different types of fonts.

Font size

The mostly used font size is 10-12, if the font is smaller, then it is not very respectful to visitors who have to strain eyes when reading, but a larger font will not work either because the page will look like a banner.

Small print is often used for notes or labels under images. Here the font size varies from 8 to 10. The headings and sub-headings should be written in a large font size, and also do not forget to highlight key words in bold text, through underlining or inclination.

Font color

How to choose the color of the font? The classic version is a black font on a white background. You can use dark grey (blue) instead of black, as black sometimes looks very sharp. There is no need to take bright, flashy colors, like blue background and red text.

Colors should be neutral, pleasant to read, that would not make eyes of visitors tired. Different colors may be used to highlight a title or a link.

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