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Graphic Web Design: Tips for Beginners

July 28, 2013

Graphic Web Design: Tips for Beginners

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When working with graphics, novice web designers often make one and the same mistake. Here are some tips as how to avoid them.

Be sure to use alt comments to images, for such cases when, for example, the user has disabled images in the browser, and he cannot make out what is displayed on the site, as a result of which he will just leave your site.

Use images from clip arts or specialized resources is acceptable, but if you “steal” from other sites a button, banner or icons which are copyrighted, in this case no one will pat you on the head. Individuality of style and design implies the overall harmony of website elements. When using images and other elements taken from different sites, you lose any right to an identity, because you get a mixture of styles, colors and so on. As for clip arts, here are standard images with a conventional view, which does not create any problems.

Keep neutrality of background images

Do not use background images with nature or contrasting textures. Put yourself in the place of the visitor, would t be easy for him to read a text on this background?

Large picture takes a lot of time for site downloading

Cut large images into pieces using almost any image editor, like Photoshop. Create a table on the site and paste the cut pieces into the cell connecting all into one. In this way you will greatly reduce page load time with this image.

Text links plus images

To do this, simply enter the following line in the html-code <a href=”address”> <img src=”address”> </ a> and get a common link. The image will be used instead of the text, and you can also work with tags for text links as well. BORDER attributes can be maintained for the frame, LINK color for ordinary links and ALINK color for active links.

Do not oversaturate the page, especially with animated images of gif format. The main purpose of your site is information, whereas visitors will pay attention to the animation only in case it highlights something specific on the site from the bulk of the information or in case when because of this animation it becomes impossible to quickly download information.

Before placing the image on your site, make optimization! Reduce file size by setting the image quality and resolution. This will load pages faster.

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