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The arrangement of elements in web design

August 1, 2013

The arrangement of elements in web design

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In order to make a quality site in Boston there are some features that should certainly be taken into account. It also requires special attention to the website structure.

The standard location of site menu is at the top and to the left (or to the right). The most optimal variant is to place the menu so that it can be seen without page scrolling.


If you are going to place banner on the site, here you should set the main purpose for these ads: do you want to get clicks or else the convenience for the user is more preferable for you?

Banner advertising is usually located at the top of the page, as well as from the right or left side, that is, to the edges of the page. Contextual advertising can be placed at the top center of the page or at the bottom of the post.

A simple menu and content is undoubtedly the key to a successful site. The easier is the access to information, the more comfortable it will be for a user to navigate the site.

Distracting moments on the site should be kept to the minimum. In case there are registration forms, they must be clear and simple. Besides, a visitor does not have to wait for the page to load, or switch from one page to another waiting for more than 2-5 seconds, so the speed of page downloads is of significant importance.

Site usability

Since the creation of the site begins with an idea, then ease of using a site starts from the same place. No matter how creative your thoughts are, they should be understandable for visitors.

The very first page- the main page should be a page, and not an animated screen saver or picture. The home page should contain information about the site: what the site is about and what a visitor can find there.

Navigation on the site. A confusing navigation will only arise anger in people coming to the site. Dealing with navigation should not take a long time. The simpler a menu is, the better.

Text. Avoid placing long publications on the website. First of all a user scans the information in search for a desired phrase, sentence, which attracted attention. Also make sure that fonts are readable and do not strain eyes.

The visitor will leave your site if:

– He could not find his way to the site;
– He was unable to read the information because of the font size;
– Advertising banners distracted him;
– He could not understand where the links are and how to make the transition;
– He could not go to another section or to the main page.

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