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CSS structure of pages

August 9, 2013

CSS structure of pages

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CSS, sheets of cascading style, are used to separate the stylistic elements of a page, such as layout, color and fonts from the content of the page, it is mainly used for paragraphs and images.

If you have no idea of CSS at all, do not use it for your site. However, the benefits of using CSS are evident not only for search engines that invest a lot of sources to study these issues.


So, let’s consider the advantages of CSS for search engines:

* CSS allows to reduce the file size

Removing styles from the HTML page and putting it in a standalone CSS file, you can reduce the amount of code in your web pages. Pages with smaller amount of codes are respectively smaller in file size, and search engines prefer pages with smaller file sizes.

Although search engines do not offer specific tips on this, the system of search engine optimization assumes that 100 KB is the maximum acceptable size for a page.

* CSS gives more control over the structure of the page

CSS allows you to structure your document according to HTML standards without affecting the user-friendliness of the page.

Search engines welcome the pages which are well structured, although many developers ignore these standards, because they believe that standards make the page less flexible for perception, but that’s not always true. By using CSS it is possible to create a variety of pages with lots of content, adhering to the principles of improving findability for search engines.

* CSS allows to hide certain content from browsers, while keeping it visible for search engines

Using CSS you can hide content from certain browsers in certain situations. For example, you may want certain content to be displayed only on the screen, without appearing on the navigation page. The advantage is that the search engine will include all this into the content list, and the content will bring benefits.

Compatibility with browsers

If you are new to CSS, keep in mind that different browsers still interpret CSS standards in different ways, while very old browsers do not understand CSS at all. So be sure to check your CSS files to be compatible with all browsers.

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