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Target audience and website design

August 30, 2013

Target audience and website design

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Website visitors are conditionally divided into several groups.

Pioneers (the innovators) imply a small (5%) and advanced group, that quickly catch the information and look out for new technologies. They are constantly upgrading their computers, install the latest software, and tend to have high speed internet. Representatives of this group like an avant-garde design of the site, including all current innovations.

target audience

Usually such are dynamically driven websites with the use of flash-animation. Avant-garde design may look rather compelling for ones, while others can find it rather irritating. The use of avant-garde style is simply inappropriate for sites with a certain theme.

70% of visitors comprise the core group, that often acquire goods and services over the internet. In selecting a computer and software they are driven by the need and financial feasibility. Representatives of the main group mostly prefer strict and restrained classical design of the site. Web page has a column structure. The “cap” with the company name, logo and slogan are the most important components. The use of graphics and animation is brought to the minimum. The site has a user-friendly and clear navigation. The color scheme is generally neutral. Classic style stands for reliability and stability, therefore it is used for corporate sites of both large and small companies. All business websites are focused on the core group of visitors.

Users who have older computers and software prefer textual site design with minimal graphics. Here the text is considered to be the basis of the sire design. These sites have high download speed and are compatible with different browsers. Text design is suitable for serious and responsible sites, such as scientific ones. However, it is rather difficult to make an attractive website design without using graphics.

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