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Secrets of a Successful Website

September 6, 2013

Secrets of a Successful Website

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In order to make your company’s website reach the set goals, be it an increase in attendance of the target audience, achievement of high rankings in search engines or increase of sales, pay attention to every detail when building a website.


What are the secrets of a successful website?

1. Do not use welcome pages. Most often they are colorfully decorated and invite to join the site. These pages are annoying and make visitors leave the site. Avoid them. Home page should contain a clear and specific information about the product or services you offer, and visitors should see the content of your website at the first glance.

2. Do not place ads at the top of the home page, as visitors can go to the advertised site, without having read the information on your website.

3. Website design should match the theme. For example, if a company is engaged in selling mobile phones, the home page should contain an image of a cell phone, not flowers and butterflies. Photos of the office and employees can significantly increase the level of consumer confidence.

4. Take responsibility for the choice of colors on your website. Do not try to involve the visitor with bright colors, just use 2-3 colors that match the company activity.

5. Do not overload the front page with animation.

6. Do not use sounds, they can irritate the visitor.

7. In order for users to quickly and easily find the information that interests them, the site’s navigation should be simple and understandable. Use “bread crumbs” so that after a few clicks through your site the visitor can make out in which section he has found himself. Drop-down menus on the script or flash are not recommended for use.

8. Use unique and interesting content, divided into paragraphs or small blocks of text to facilitate the perception of information. Content of the site is one of the main methods of advertising a product or service on the Internet.

9. Once your site has appeared on the Internet, place links to the domain on the advertising materials of the company. Buyers will learn about the existence of a site, the number of visits will increase, and your resource will more quickly reach the desired position in search engines.

10. In order to achieve sustained success regularly fill in the site with quality content and constantly analyze the effectiveness of the site.

Use these simple tips to make a high-quality, effective and useful site for visitors.

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