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When website needs redesign

September 15, 2013

When website needs redesign

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It seems that in real life redesign is quite a simple necessity. The advent of new technologies and trends makes people get to a more advanced level -buy new cars, TV-sets, mobile phones, kitchen appliances.


In respect of a site design the same laws and principles apply. As soon as something more innovative and progressive comes into life, it stimulates webmasters to immediately pull up their creations to today’s realities.

So let’s consider the main reasons that drive the site owners to redesign. In this case, a redesign means not only the change of the site design or installation of new units, but also more profound processes in regard to the operation of the site, layout validity and code writing.

Technical innovations

The emergence of new devices immediately sets a new standard for newly developing sites. Therefore, they will initially be more competitive in the online environment. This refers to innovations such as smart phones, iPods and other pods, honed under the mobile Internet. Or, for example, the emergence of monitors with higher resolution creates wider sites, and enhanced color matrix extends to the choice of colors for design.

Advanced technologies

Revolutionary technologies HTML5 and CSS3 led many webmasters to completely redesign their sites in accordance with the new requirements. These technologies have also enriched the world of web design with previously unseen effects the use of which makes the site original and interesting to explore.

The socialization of the Internet

The need for the presence of a website in various social networks forces webmasters to install more and more blocks with widgets, plugins and sharing buttons. Oddly enough, sites with no Twitter, Facebook buttons already look outdated. All newly created sites already take into account the need to integrate with social services, and it immediately leaves its mark on the design and usability of the site.

Site popularity

This is perhaps the main factor leading to redesign. At some point sites become so popular that the emphasis immediately shifts to the usability and comfort for the visitor. With no need for excessive embellishment, heavy graphics drops out, reducing the load on the hosting, and light and comfortable design comes into lead.

Change of the fashion trend

Here the reason for redesign is too simple – a site just becomes unfashionable. It’s like in the world of fashion – yesterday it was relevant, and today it is no more trendy. And in order to keep up with life and just look modern, sites have to follow the global trend.

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