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Promo style in web design

October 21, 2013

Promo style in web design

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Despite the fact that promo sites are quite different in artistic terms, they have something in common.

1. Lots of, really lots of graphics. Be it a photo or illustration, even some background effects, in any case, saving kilobytes and paint for pixels is not accepted here.

Promo web design

2 . The use of vivid imagery and metaphors. It is also called “creativity”, when collages do not just decorate the site, but also contain an unexpected message. As a result, it is pleasant to watch the site, just like a picture.

3 . Graphic is primary, content is secondary . It may not be after everyone’s heart but promo design, which is used to influence emotions , not the mind of the viewer, often refers to the content slightly dismissively. Ideally, of course, it should not be so. But in any case, when working on the layout the designer spends a great share of time working with graphics.

4 . Mostly advertising content. As you may understand, it does not make sense to make a news site in promo style: one may get bored of seeing this beauty every day. Promo style assumes that the designer or design studio will create something that would shut off the brain of the visitor inspiring to purchase goods or services. That’s why these sites are mainly of advertising and commercial character.

5 . Overall the “richness” and ” glossiness” . This item is not applicable to all sites, but most of them come as such. Promo style is not the place for modesty and conciseness.

6. Lack of external advertising. A promo site, which in itself is often a big bright advertising, does not need competitors, so posting on this site some other advertising in the form of banners which takes the user off the page distracting from the content may just be disastrous.

These are the main features of the site design in promo style . As you can see, they are quite blurred, but in fact very often the external difference of two promo sites is what makes them united.

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