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How to create an attractive website?

November 3, 2013

How to create an attractive website?

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If you are going to make a useful, beautiful and convenient site and are thinking over the factors that may affect the popularity of your web site, here are some tips that may guide you while creating a new web site.

  • Content is one of the most important components. If the site has no useful information that could interest a certain group of people, you can raise the question whether the existence of such a site is worth in general or not.
  • Design is the second most important component of a good website. The design determines how attractive pages are, that is, in the end how many people will further come back to have a look at your site. After all, if you liked the design of the site, you’re sure to tell your friends about it.
  • In order to make a good website, there is even no need to use graphics. There are useful sites with minimum graphics and lots of useless ones overwhelmed with big size pictures. For web- site, as well as for other design projects, the style of the site is essential.
  • The download speed of your pages is not a less important factor. No one would waste an hour waiting for the pages to load. This talks about the need to optimize pages for getting the smallest size (of course, within reason).
  • Promotion of the web site includes not only the registration of your server in all possible search engines, but also implies tools such as the placement of information in the media (URL – in the newspaper), and presenting information about your website, as well as contact details on business cards, ads, in newspaper and magazine articles, etc.
  • A clear and logical structure of posting information on your server. Nothing is so tiring when searching for the required information as ill-structured server.
  • The lack of spelling and grammatical errors should not be overlooked.

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