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6 Tactics to Avoid In Web Design In 2014

February 4, 2014

6 Tactics to Avoid In Web Design In 2014

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If you are looking forward to changes that accompany the new year, you are probably wondering what new trends are emerging in web design. People usually do not discuss (although it would be worth discussing) design tactics that are not used anymore or trends that are no more actual. Today, let’s talk about design techniques that quickly go out of use. Some of them are frankly weak trends, and many others came into trend only because they came into view too quickly in 2013.


Banners slides on homepages

Once these flash banners seemed to be a great find. They were colorful, saturated with information and had interactive forms. However, most users consider banners distracting and annoying, and that’s all, so they quickly give way to a truly interactive and less colorful design, for example, one-page solutions with continuous scrolling and a simple drop-down menu.


Detailed contact forms

Gathering information about users is an important aspect of doing business online in some segments, whether it’s electronic store or blog with regular feedback form. But the days of the full-page questionnaire with additional mandatory or optional fields that users had to fill in are now gone and web designers should now avoid it.

Round emblems with handwritten font inscriptions

Round emblem with “handwritten” font was once one of the most used web design tactic, but this is something that seems to be outdated now. This goes for using this tactic on personal web sites, as well as company websites. Maybe someday this stylistic touch will come back, but most developers clearly refuse further use of this technique.

Flash intros

Remember these flashy things? Flash intros are still found here and there on the web sites that are not updated for a long time. Most web designers now prefer simple solutions and selective function activation. Videos are wonderful, and Flash intros opened the path of videos on websites, but today’s visitors are annoyed with music and animation. Keep in mind that your user wants to get useful information and intros might be destructing.

Font diversity



Importance of typography is known to all, and to experiment with a selection of fonts is very exciting, but the typographical design of logos, websites and business cards requires restraint. Inexperience of the website designer is obvious when you see experiments with different fonts on any website. Fortunately, even the fans of font diversity slowly learn to avoid this and use two, maximum three fonts.

Over-saturation of design

If you thought that a set of icons, design elements, fonts and options together provide an attractive and interactive website, you may have been right, but in general, these resources look awkward and clumsy. Design is evolving away from complex to simple providing users more comfortable view of pages. You do not want to mislead and confuse your visitors, you just want to impress them maximum with your work. In 2014, you are unlikely to meet successfully functioning websites that are too pretentious.

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