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Responsive Design: How Adaptive Website Design Affects Business and Sales

February 22, 2014

Responsive Design: How Adaptive Website Design Affects Business and Sales

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Just a few years ago having a web site was not mandatory and was even regarded as unnecessary costs for small and medium-sized businesses. Today most factories, beauty salons and even retail stores have their own pages on the Internet. Can business owners relax now that they have a website? It turns out no, they can’t.

Responsive Design

New technologies dictate new rules. The main trends of recent years, mobile devices, have made some adjustments in the process of interaction with users and the process of creating websites. Initially, for the convenience of visitors from mobile devices separate mobile sites or applications were created, now the trend has changed in the direction of customized versions of sites.

What is adaptive design? Adaptive means responsive views for mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, or just phones with Internet access. Responsive design adapts to the size of the device screen, and thus the site looks good and easy to read for users of laptops and phones.

But do you need to follow this trend? Practice shows that sites with an adaptive design will have a significant advantage over the others in the near future. Here are a few reasons why you should use responsive design:

  1. If traffic from search engines (Google, Bing) is important for your business then you need to think seriously about the adaptive design instead of the mobile version of the website. Thanks to this landing pages will get more weight. In addition Google openly encourages webmasters to have adaptive design versions and says to give priority to sites in the search with responsive web design.
  2. More and more people are willing to make purchases on the internet using their mobile devices.
  3. Every day more and more users are looking for the nearest store or barber shop with a smartphone or tablet. According to statistics, 60% of those who find what they are looking for make a purchase on the same day.
  4. 62 % of users will not be loyal to brand if his page is not correctly displayed on different devices. Therefore, you risk not only getting new customers but also lose existing ones.

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