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10 basic principles of designing a spectacular logo

March 10, 2014

10 basic principles of designing a spectacular logo

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How does the perfect logo look like? How to make it look as memorable as possible? After all, the company logo is a very important element of company style and brand identification. Below are the 10 basic principles necessary to create the perfect company logo.


1. Simplicity
Almost all the perfectly made logos are simple and clear. The expression “less is more” is something to keep in mind when designing a company logo. You only need to use the absolute minimum so that the logo does not look overloaded.

2. Attractiveness
The name of this rule speaks for itself. The logo should attract people. It is important for potential clients of the brand to pay attention to it. The logo should be something that people remember, because it triggers certain emotions.

3. Readability
You have, probably, seen logos that despite the outward originality, were barely readable or misleading at the expense of the meaning of the text. People should not be forced to decipher the text of the logo.

514. Memorability
One of the tasks of the designer is to come up with a logo that is memorable, so if someone sees it once, they’ll recognize it later. To achieve this you’ll need a good combination of visual imagery and inscriptions that will help people to recognize and identify the logo in the future.

5. Adaptability
We should always remember that the design tendencies change pretty quickly. Sometimes the pursuit of ultramodern can turn into a rapid obsolescence of a logo. Therefore it is better to use universal design techniques and tools.

6. Originality
The natural desire of every designer is to make an original logo. However, it is very important not to be too original, at the expense of simplicity. Therefore, it is better not to burden the logo with numerous fanciful design elements.

7. Associativity
The visual component of the logo, font and color should cause only relevant associations and generate the correct and exact image that corresponds to the general subject of the logo as a whole.

818. Functionality
When creating the logo the designer should also think, where it will be located, how it will look in a monochrome version. Therefore, it is effective for the logo to be designed in vector format.

9. Uniqueness
Creating a logo involves colors, fonts, visual elements and their spatial arrangement. The unique combination of these components presents the individuality and uniqueness of your logo.

10. Creativity
Creativity assumes that there is a certain hidden meaning or message in the logo. Moreover, this message should be clear and simple. Because when people see this massage, they’ll probably appreciate it and will remember your logo.

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