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How should a site look like for successful promotion ?

March 17, 2014

How should a site look like for successful promotion ?

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designMany people know that three main factors play a great role for site promotion: content, site design and its appearance. However, design should be treated with caution. Many webmasters believe that good design certainly means lots of special effects. However, this is not the best solution. The article will help you understand why.

Now it has become trendy to place on the site as much animation, big pictures and flash effects as possible, piously believing that this could turn out to be beneficial. Yes, the site may be, and will look beautiful, but it’s the only plus and here there are more minuses.

Remember the rule: the more pictures and effects on the site, the heavier it weighs, and the longer it loads. All people who visit your site for the first time may waste rather long time for the page to load, and in this case, as a rule, people leave the site without waiting for its downloading, after only thirty seconds. So make your conclusions.

But if you still need to use a lot of big size pictures, turn to simple Internet users for help. You need to find some webmaster forum and create a topic on it with the request to assess the download speed, which is located at the specified address. Be sure, you will get replies.

There are also specialized services on the Internet, which can simplify the process of reducing the weight of pictures very effectively. And this is not done to the detriment of image quality. The image remains the same, but its weight is reduced many times. Such services include PunyPNG.com for example.

Also keep in mind that graphic elements do not seem interesting to search engine spiders. To motivate them, add the parameter alt to the image. «Alt» tag means an image caption. If you want to be found by photo search, use captions to pictures.

It is worth noting that a beautiful website can also be created without using pictures. CSS technology may be used to decorate almost everything on the site – from background to fonts. If you get to choose the font and color with minimum pictures on the site, the success among visitors will be inevitable. People will tend to return to your website, and this promotes successful website promotion. But do not forget that the information is in the first place. A visitor, searching for information for a week, will hardly leave the resource only because of the design – content is essential.

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