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How Website Design Can Influence Profitability

April 10, 2014

How Website Design Can Influence Profitability

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webdesignGood design is not a luxury but a necessity. Each day the number of websites is increasing. The overall level of design literacy is constantly increasing, and therefore the requirements for modern website design are getting higher and higher. If the user lands on a page with a bad web design, he will, most probably, leave the page as soon as possible. In this article we look at the ways to improve the semantic meaning of the text and images on web pages.

What is the main purpose of the design:
• draw attention
• make a site different from the others in the niche
• communicate information in full

Draw attention

Good design does not allow your message to get lost among millions of others. To be competitive, it is important not to go unnoticed.
Looking through the pages of some popular sites, it is easy to identify their common properties. It is important to understand how they attract the attention of visitors, what color schemes, fonts, icons and graphics they use. In this article I will not go into specific examples, because in my opinion, it is important to understand the general algorithm to improve the design literacy.

Unique web design

Design should ensure the recognition of your website and brand. Some brands are recognized immediately. It is obvious that such recognition brings considerable profits to these companies. You can emphasize the individuality of your website with the help of an unusual arrangement or original color scheme. The style of the website can be conservative, modern and romantic.

Interface of the pages must be same on all pages. This will allow the visitor to easily find the information needed. The recognition of the site and unique web design will eventually become an important argument in the fight against competitors and help attract new potential customers.

Effective design communicates information in full

Looking through the pages of your site, the visitor immediately gets impression of the significance of the content. Effective design emphasizes the importance of the message. Correctly selected fonts, colors, frames, icons, space give positive impression to the user.
The readability is very important, which depends on parameters such as the length of lines, line spacing, alignment, font size, etc. Try to break large texts into fragments, insert subtitles, add spaces between lines. Use flowcharts, diagrams, tables. If possible, replace the text with illustrations.

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