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About Boston Web Designer

My Name is Daniel and I’m a Boston Web Designer. Over the past 6 years I have worked in Boston with clients from every corner of the business world, from professional service firms to retail and nonprofit organizations, that operate locally, nationally and internationally. Whether you’re doing business around the corner or around the globe, my web design firm can help you leverage the web.

Daniel Zayets-Volshin
Daniel Zayets-Volshin

    How I Work

    My approach with clients is to learn the nuts and bolts of their business and their business goals. I then recommend the best possible solution for my clients. BostonWebDesigner.com was founded and optimized with a business initiative in mind, so I do not approach your needs from a design or a development bias. Think about your website from the perspective of a business owner. Saying that the quality of the web design you will receive from me will be top notch. I do a lot of private label work for larger web design firms here in Boston and by dealing with me directly will substantially cut your web expense. I do provide the best, most effective solution for businesses based on the stated objectives.

    I will develop a design, development and overall web marketing strategy customized for the business’s needs. I can also provideSEO, maintenance and support.

    Web Design Process

    I follow a web design process that is broken down into several stages. In order to ensure that you get the site you want. Please see the process below, as some information is required from the client:


    I work with my clients to develop a wireframe that reflects the client’s vision and style of the website. We start with clean slate and on it sketch all of the elements that will be designed in a real website. This becomes the blue print of the future web design project

    Project Design Phase

    This phase of the project begins once I have gathered the required information and source materials from the client(such as text and images). In this phase I will create a homepage concept. The client will review the concepts and will make adjustments if such are needed. We usually never go past the 1 modification as with a good wireframe we always nail it from first time. Once we have chosen a design direction, I will begin designing the interior pages of the site.

    Sitemap Review and Content Delivery

    While the design phase is underway, I will collaborate with the client to develop a final sitemap and provide a set of content templates that the client can use to deliver the required content to us. Ideally I would like to get content for each page and section of the site, but understand that the content is a work in progress. Therefore, I may use placeholder text or draft content initially on the site as the client creates final content.

    Finalize Design

    I will provide the internal page designs and finalized homepage designs to the client for final review. This allows the client to make edits and revisions before finalizing the design phase of the project.

    Development Phase

    Once I have finalized the designs for the homepage and internal pages of the site, the conversion of the design files to HTML and CSS based web pages begins. This process will involve coding the template system to be used on the site and creating the required functionality for each of the pages. This process will happen on a private “beta” site that the client will be able to access via a standard web browser. This will allow the client to track the development of the site as it progresses. And the client can make recommendations for changes before finalization.

    Content Implementation

    Once I have a working version of the template system for the site on the “beta” server, I will begin deploying all of the content provided by the client

    Completion and Training

    Once the content has been deployed on the site, I will prepare the site for launch and begin training the client on the use of the content management system (if such is present) and various functionality present on the new website. Once the site is “live”, the client receives a 30 days of free support and maintenance to help ensure thathe/she is comfortable using and managing the new website. After this 30-day period, we offer inexpensive, optional support and maintenance packages for ongoing website