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Why choose me as your Boston Web Designer?

In today’s economy, it’s more important than ever to have an effective presence on the web. More and more often consumers start their search for products and services using a search engine – not the phone book. I am a web designer from Boston and can provide you the full spectrum of web design, development and online marketing skills. I work with a wide range of clients, but my focus is to work with small and midsize businesses, law firms and non-profit organizations.

My practice as a local Boston web designer is structured to deliver on creative and user-oriented web design experience. The website designed by me will meet your business’ specific needs and goals while providing a logical layout and a well thought-through flow for a irresistible call to action.

Focused on Your Needs

You never have to worry about getting answers to your questions or not getting a problem resolved. My experienced web designer approach is to ensure that you will be guided every step of the way in the web design process, from concept to completion. It also means you won’t be faced with big surprises along the way – I will keep you in the loop and guide you through each decision you need to make.

Quality Design at Affordable Prices

I understand the importance of maintaining a budget and keeping a project on schedule. That’s why I only propose solutions that meet your project’s goal. I’m always willing to work with the client to understand what your business needs are for your new website, so that the designs and functionality that we suggest include exactly the features you need. At BostonWebDesigner.com you get all this at an affordable price.

Attract Customers, Not Window Shoppers

An experienced web designer knows that dancing graphics and a punchy musical score can be impressive but they don’t always turn “window shoppers” into customers. They also don’t always work well on modern devices like the iPad or iPhone. My experience has taught me that these expensive features aren’t always the best solutions for small to midsize businesses. I focus on practical and user-friendly web solutions that are designed to turn browsers into customers.

I am careful to recommend the right web design solutions for my clients, based on their business goals, their budget and schedule. I do not just recommend the most unique design or newest technology. I focus on recommending practical solutions that help clients achieve their business goals.

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