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Other Web Support Services I offer

Creating a website is only the first step in creating a presence on the web for your business. Every website needs maintenance and support over time. I’m an independent Boston web designer that understands my client’s needs, that’s why one of the services I offer is providing affordable, flexible contracts for web support services that allow you to focus on what you do best while I maintain, monitor, update and support your website.

Key Benefits

Web support services I provide are affordable and flexible. Once your website is “live”, I will provide 30 days of free support and maintenance to help ensure the client is comfortable using and managing the new website. After the 30-day support period, your business can purchases 10 hour blocks of time from BostonWebDesigner.com that can be used to maintain your website. These hours are added to your pool of available support time. The time never expires, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a contract for more or fewer hours then you need. When your pool of available hours gets close to running out, I will let you know so you can purchase more time.

Remember, every website I build (unless specially agreed otherwise before the start of the project) includes a robust content management system that allows you to make changes to your website yourself. Web support services contracts are completely optional. However, I realize your job is to run your business and it might not make sense for you to fiddle with your website when I could be taking care of everything for you.

Making support requests is easy.

At the beginning of your relationship with me, I will work directly with you from inception to completion of your site. After this I will continue to help your firm from training to ongoing maintenance of your site. As you make web support requests, I simply deduct the time it takes me to complete a task from your pool of available support time. For example, if the request takes 20 minutes to complete, I will deduct 20 minutes from your 10 hour pool. I will then notify you when your request has been completed. I keep track of the time I spend supporting your site so I can send you a complete breakdown of exactly how the time you purchased us used.

Your maintenance and support needs are covered.

I have a broad definition of “support and maintenance”. Some of the things that are covered by my definition of “web design support services” include:

  • adding a testimonial to your site
  • removing, adding or swapping out photos
  • adding new pages of content
  • correcting a spelling error
  • posting new blog entries
  • changing navigation boxes
  • adding new features and more…
  • analytics reporting
  • WordPress updates

In other words with this “web design support services” I won’t build you a brand new site, but will professionally maintain the site you have.

Why BostonWebDesigner.com is Different

Affordable web support services I provide are just another way in which my Boston web design practice offers you the focus on growing your business, by going straight to the results you want to achieve from your web presence.

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